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Canadian International College – CIC

Canadian International College – CIC


“We Graduate Professionals”
Founded in 2004, CIC became the first Canadian college in Egypt.
In partnership with the Cape Breton University (CBU) in Sydney, CIC brings a unique brand of Canadian education and training to
Cairo for the youth to be able to face all futuristic challenges.Since the beginning, we have put a strategy to be committed to Excellence and to be a nationally prominent educational institution known for its integrity and academic excellence.

CIC Offers
We believe that we play an important role in the technological advancement of the Egyptian industry and that’s why we are striving to provide the society with well-educated employees possessing appropriate knowledge, skills and experience.
To reach that goal we give our students special opportunities that will help them shape a better future. CIC offers:

Under-graduate programs in Business, Engineering and Mass communication
Both Canadian university degrees, and Egyptian degrees accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education
Internship opportunities in some of the leading businesses in Egypt
Experience, through combining theory with practical learning during the academic year
Living a full and well-rounded student life through extra-curricular activities
The opportunity to transfer to Canada during courses and join post-graduate programs in any country around the world

We are proud to state the fact that we started with 400 students in the first year the college was opened, and now we are educating more than 2000 students.

Location: in New Cairo, near Mubarak security academy.